Nozawa’s New Night Food Market

Kongo –¬†Nozawa’s New Night Food Market Kongo Night Market Map Reference: B/C7 Just down from Shinden Bus Terminal. Type of Food Yakitori (grilled chicken), yakiniku (meat grilled at the table), oden (one-pot dish consisting of ingredients like boiled eggs, daikon, konjac, fishcakes, etc, stewed in a soy/dashi broth). The Plug Nozawa Onsen is home to some amazing places to satisfy hunger. But as the snow and culinary secrets are continually being revealed, so too do the diners increase. The great news is that supply follows demand. Nozawa’s new night food market provides a unique setting to eat, drink and be merry. The Kongo market is a relaxed and delicious alternative to the town’s restaurants. The Story behind the Scene¬† This … Continue reading Nozawa’s New Night Food Market