Here comes the snow

Base at top: 165 cm

Temp at Top: -8 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira: 130 cm

New Snow since close: 5 cm       

Weather: Heavy snow and moderate fog

Snow clouds moving in


What we thought would be a snowy day yesterday, turned out to be a fairly mild day with some occasional cloud. With our base reading on the rise, things are only looking better for us with heavy snow forecast to fall throughout the day. The clouds have already laid down 5cm of fresh up the top and we’re just starting to see it accumulate down here in the village.

The skies are looking promising, with around 30cm still forecast to come down during the day. Visibility won’t be too great up on the mountain with fog clouds, though that must be the trade off for some good snow.

Tomorrow is looking good too, with snow showers forecast for some of the day. Hopefully this means that the sun might break through and give us, once again, some blue skies for an awesome powder day!

Night Skiing is on tonight until 8pm so keep your boots on for some more skiing
PW3A8386 PW3A9885

Restaurant reccomendation – Wakagiri

A great place for your first night out in Nozawa. They have plenty to choose from and it’s fairly close to our accommodations.


Name: Wakagiri

Location: E6 on our town map – One of the first you come to when heading into town from Lodge Nagano, Central, or Villa Nozawa. It is down a little lane way on the right in an A frame shaped entrance.

Type of food: Japanese Te Shoku or Meal with different bowls and Sushi

The Plug: This is often a great place to start when you first get to town. It is a Large place with a good English menu and great selection. The staff are all great especially their little 3 year old, the owners son, who will give you a greeting when you come in.

House Specialty: Fried Squid Legs and Katsu Pork Fillet

Average Price of a meal: 900 Yen

PW3A9538 PW3A9537
PW3A9541 PW3A9549

What better place to go after a day of skiing

PW3A0043Name: Neo Bar


Location: F8 on the town map – Next to Ski Locker; ski down from the Nagasaka Gondola base station about 200 meters.

Type of Bar: Après bar/snack restaurant

The Plug: A fun atmosphere with a great group of friendly staff. With direct access from the slopes, it’s a great place to go for an après drink or a bite to eat. Though called a bar, they have a substantial food menu for a bar, with some delicious snacks and meals. Food is served from 2.30pm til 9pm daily and they do the best crepes in town. They also do a traditional Nabe hot pot upon booking a day before. Definitely a favourite for everyone who’s tried it.

House Specialty: Crepes and hot chocolate with rum

Open everyday: from 2.30pm till 11.30pm (food available until 9pm)

Average Price of a Drink: 600 Yen


PW3A1038 PW3A0044 PW3A0047 PW3A1031


Looking for some fine dining in Nozawa or a classy bar?

Himatsuri is easy to get to and has some of Nozawa’s more refined c.


Name: Himatsuri

Location: F4 on the town map – At the end of the main street, O-yu Dori, opposite the grand O-yu Onsen

Type of Bar/Restaurant: Bar and Modern Japanese Izakaya

The Plug: Having just opened last season, the Himatsuri, meaning Fire Festival, brings a bit of style to the main street. Great décor and outlook into the snow covered trees. Owned by the same guys that own Foot bar, they have taken Après Ski to the next level.
There is also a classy restaurant upstairs if you want something different though it is a bit pricy by Nozawa Standards. The Kaiseki style dining (many small dishes) gives you a wide variety of tastes and textures with an emphasis on local cuisine and ingredients.

House Specialty: Some amazing Sakes

Average price of a drink: 600 Yen

Average price of a meal: At the pricier end, though great value for money and the experience.

PW3A9495 PW3A9492 PW3A9499

Craving some traditional Japanese Soba? This is the place to go.


Name: Daimon Soba

Location: E5 on our town map

Type of food: Soba Buck Wheat Noodles

The Plug: The family at Daimon is 3rd Generation Soba Makers, and it is a real art. It is a family business with husband and wife and all the kids working together. Great value and healthy sumptuous meals. Lots of local specialties to stimulate your interest.

Keiko san the owner is also a master at the Japanese Art of Shuji – writing Japanese Characters. She can write your name in Kanji and have it printed on a T-shirt to take home as long as you have a few days. Great memory of your trip to Nozawa. Her son is a Champion Ski Jumper you can see his big jump skis in the back

House Specialty: My favourite is the Nameko Soba with Mushrooms

Nearby: Just off the main street Oyu Dori and easy to find directly opposite the Liquor Shop in the centre of town

Day Off: One of the few places that almost never closes

Average Price of a meal: 800 YenPW3A9483



Tsukushinbo – A taste of everything

With this heavy snow falling, we’ve chosen somewhere warm and cosy for today’s restaurant recommendation. A local favourite which you may have not noticed as it’s a bit hidden with a large selection of all sorts of Japanese cuisine


Name: Tsukshinbo

Location: Underground, just right of the O-yu Onsen along the main street. F5 on our town map.

Type of food: Izakaya Japanese dining

The Plug: With plenty of dishes to choose from, Tsukushinbo has something to cater for everybody. There is both a Japanese and English menu, with staff speaking multiple languages. Tsukushinbo makes for an easy and enjoyable night out, with dishes that you may not find anywhere else in Nozawa. As for drinks, they have draft beer a selection of sakes, and more. With reasonable prices and great quality food, this place is a must if you want to try a bit of everything without blowing the budget.

House Specialty: the Yakitori (featured in the photo) and the black pepper ramen never disappoint!

During busier periods you may need to book in advance.

Average Price of a dish: 500-1000 Yen depending on size of dishPW3A9506




Yakitori on the Grill


The EntrancePW3A9515


Look for this building and take the staircase on the right


Something more western – The Corner Steakhouse

Amongst all the fantastic Japanese cuisine in Nozawa Onsen, there are also some great western restaurants around! This being one of them.


Name: The Corner Steakhouse

Location: E5 – A bit lower down from the main street next to Wanryu Ramen.

Type of food: Genuine burgers, chips, and steak

The Plug; Amongst all the fantastic Japanese cuisine that Nozawa Onsen has to offer, there are also some great western styled restaurants around. Although a little pricier than some places, The Corner Steakhouse cooks quality burgers and steaks that will be as satisfying as a relaxing Onsen after a long day on the slopes. They cook a few different styles of burgers all which come with hot chips, and the steaks are sure to be a treat if you choose to indulge. There is also an upstairs Cigar bar open from 10pm for something different.

House Specialty: The avocado cheeseburger is delicious, and they know how to cook a mean steak too.

Average Price of a meal: Burgers from ¥1300, steaks from ¥1500

PW3A9469 PW3A9476PW3A9474


Some unbeatable Japanese cuisine – Wanryu Ramen

Another restaurant recommendation for anyone visiting Nozawa Onsen!

For those on a budget and who are wanting to experience some great Japanese cuisine. look no further than Wanryu Ramen



Location: D5 on our town map, down the road opposite the bottle shop. (link to map:

Type of food: Ramen noodles and Gyoza Dumplings

The Plug: Ramen is traditionally a Chinese style noodle which the Japanese have adopted as their own and perfected. It is usually noodles with vegetables and meat served with a hot soup with a base flavour of Salt, Miso or Soya Sauce.

The restaurant is cosy and warm with lively red colors and a relaxed feel. Prices are really cheap for a hearty meal. Ramen is perfect after a hard days skiing and then an Onsen. Make sure you try the Gyoza. Best enjoyed with a cold beer!! Misui san the chef always has a smile so you can expect to feel welcomed and looked after here.

House Specialty: Miso Ramen and a serve of Gyoza is hard to beat

Average Price of a meal: 750 YenPW3A9464


Another popular restaurant in town – Haus St. Anton.

A quaint little hang out spot… great place to spend those rest days while in Nozawa.

Location: E5 on our town map – In the center of town on the main street (link to map:

Type of Restaurant: Cafe/ specialty food shop

The Plug: Set right in the heart of the main street, This little gem is very popular amongst locals and foreigners alike. their in house chef, Ken Katagiri, creates imaginative dishes, blending European and Japanese cuisine. If you’re just craving a quick snack, they serve small bites, ice cream and coffee, though the real deal-breaker is the Oyaki dumplings with plenty of fillings to choose from, which are freshly cooked just outside on the main street. They also sell small gifts, specialising in local honeys and jams.

You will need to book for the restaurant, Otherwise Oyaki and smaller bites are served all day long.

House Specialty: Oyaki dumplings

See more here –

Hatoguruma Kawabata – Vegetarian Restaurant

Today’s suggestion is for all the vego crowd… A hidden gem

Name: Hatoguruma Kawabata

Location: Hatoguruma Kawabata is located close to Kamitera-yu onsen at C3 on our town map. (link to map:

Type of food: Vegetarian Japanese

The Plug: For any vegetarian, vegan crew and/or guests there is a bed and breakfast in town run by a local Japanese family that offers set dinners for ¥2,000 per person. Food is all vegetarian (and vegan on request) made from fresh local produce, and is delicious.

Reservations need to be made one day prior.

The family speak little English but are very welcoming. If you need help making a reservation please ask any of our Japanese speaking staff.

House Specialty: Vegetarian and Vegan food

Average Price of a meal: 2000 Yen