Cherry Blossoms Nozawa Onsen

Cherry Blossoms Nozawa

The other beautiful falling white petal has arrived in Nozawa and can still ski up top!

Cheery Blossoms in the Village and Snow up the Top

Base at top: 240 cm
Temp at Top: -3 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 150 cm
New snow since close: Dusting
Weather: Foggy with light snow!

What a great time to be in Nozwa! The Sakura or Cherry blossoms have started to come out in the village and up at Yamabiko 1000m above the village it looks like we had a dusting of snow last night! Spring is such an amazing time.

Yesterday was beautiful up on the slopes, the fog rolled off pretty early and we had some glorious sunshine. Have a feeling it may do the same again today. The snow was spring slush but it was cold enough for it to be fast all day and still skiing top to bottom either down Challenger for the advanced or the Forest Trail for the beginners!

Cherry Blossoms Nozawa

Stil top to Bottom in Nozawa with something for every level. Spring fun Nozawa

The official ski season has 2 weeks to go finishing on Sunday May 7th at the end of Golden week and with a 240cm base still up top we should be able to slide right thru that. There is a few people around for the weekend but literally no one on the weekends. I talked to the ladies on the lift counter on Friday and they said only 100 people had been up.

Cherry Blossoms Nozawa and lots of sunshine

The forecast ahead is looking good with plenty of sunshine and light winds. The freezing level is pretty stable too between 2000 and 3000 meters above sea level with temperatures still in the single digits as far as the eye can see. Great time for Ski Touring too, with stable snow pack and beautiful spring weather.

Cherry Blossoms Nozawa

All the top lifts are running for the weekend. Makes for easier access and a great vibe on the hill

Anyway it is going to be a great day on the slopes so get up there if about and have an awesome Sunday!

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 20 April 2017

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 20 April 2017

Bot of a late April dusting overnight and some beautiful conditions for late April in Nozawa

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 20 April 2017
Fresh dusting of snow up top overnight for Nozawa
Base at top: 255 cm
Temp at Top: 2 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 175 cm
New snow since close: 0cm
Weather: Sunny up top above a sea of cloud
Was cold here last night getting easily into single digits and was reaching for some extra blankets as went to bed. We even got some snow up top late in the afternoon giving us a bit of a fresh dusting in the trees and on the slopes this morning.
The sun is out with clear skies even though the village is lying under a sea of cloud below. Very little wind and great views will make for a good day on the slopes today. Check out these photos from first lifts this morning.
Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 20 April 2017

Stairway to the top gyrate views today in Nozawa


Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 20 April 2017 – Snow Forecast

Looks like with the warmer temps today we could be in for some rain tonight and into tomorrow before a few days of beautiful sunshine. Winds should remain pretty light for the foreseeable future so some nice spring days ahead on the still solid base in Nozawa.
Photos by Jerry thanks for posting.

Foot Onsen Nozawa Onsen

Foot Onsen Nozawa Onsen

The Foot Onsens in Nozawa are the perfect place to relax after a day on the slopes and take in the sunset

Maybe a good day for a relaxing Foot Onsen
Base at top: 260 cm
Temp at Top: 5 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 180 cm
New snow since close: 0cm
Weather: Clear down low but clouds up high
Ohayou gozaimasu from Nozawa Onsen fairly clear morning down low but clouds engulfing the mountain up higher. It should be ok for a few turns early but then we are expecting some strong winds to come in from the North West later which should see temps drop a bit and maybe even some light snow fall on the upper slopes.

Foot Onsen Nozawa Onsen

The winds are going to be up to 70km/h according to the forecast so will be interesting to see if that eventuates and if they keep the Gondola open or not. Either way it may not be the best up there later so make the most of it this morning then maybe head for a relaxing foot onsen this afternoon and a quiet beer. The foot onsens near the Ogama cooking onsen are open again and a great spot to enjoy the sunset over the village and rest the ski legs!
Tomorrow looks like will be a much nicer day with light winds and some sunshine, so head back up and make the most of the empty slopes in Nozawa. Have a great day.
Arigatou for the Photo Jerry san

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 17 April 2017

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 17 April 2017

The snow has all but gone from the Valley Floor but still lots on the mountain faces around Nozawa. By Max 

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 17 April 2017

Spring time Streaming

Base at top: 280 cm
Temp at Top: 11 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 200 cm
New snow since close: 0cm
Weather: Sunny start with clouds washing thru

Another sunny start to the day here but some cloud cover coming across the valley now. Looks like we are in for a change later this afternoon with strong southerly winds and rain expected tonight. Best to get up there early this morning and enjoy the hard pack and groomed pistes before they soften up in the afternoon.

Yesterday was a true spring day and the warmest we have felt in more than 5 months in Nozawa. We hit about 20 degrees in the village and even put the board shorts on for the first time! Felt pretty good just quietly.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 17 April 2017 – The Forecast

Looking ahead temps are set to fall again from tomorrow and Wednesday will see back to sub zero temperatures for the top of the mountain and may even see some show showers up top. Things looks like they are going to be a bit like this photo the next few days with some sunshine amongst clouds, rain and even snow. So looks like a mixed bag on the weather front. It is a long way off but unbelievably there is currently a decent snowfall expected for the top on Saturday! Will have to wait and see…

Happy Easter Nozawa Onsen – Spring Skiing in Japan is lots of Fun

Happy Eater Nozawa Onsen

Spring skiing with kids is awesome, warm days, sunshine and lots of fun in Nozawa

Happy Easter from Nozawa Onsen

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Easter wherever you are. A big Arigatou Gozaimashita and thank you to everyone that visited us throughout the season was a pleasure having you for what was an amazing season in Nozawa.

Thanks also to all those families that are here in Nozawa at the moment enjoying Easter in the snow with us. Easter usually falls around end of March or in April and it is still a great time to visit Nozawa for some fun Spring Skiing. So give it some thought for a trip next Easter.

5 great Reasons Spring skiing is fun for Families

  1. Beautiful Spring Weather

The weather is warmer and some glorious sunny days. Many families come in January with the School holidays, which is also a great time to visit. We get a lot of snow in January, which is amazing to see but can also be cold and the snow is very deep. The little ones can get cold and buried in the powder!

Happy Easter Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa doesn’t get that busy most of the time but in March and April is is really quiet!

2. Very quiet in town and on the slopes

This time of year there is literally no one here; most of the families visiting at the moment are calling it their own private resort! The slopes are empty, even the locals from Tokyo are few and far between at this time of year. You can also get into any restaurant you fancy no need to book or wander the streets looking for a meal. The Onsens are also like private baths you can often have to yourself!

All this and we still have 300cm base up top and can still ski top to bottom!

Happy Easter Nozawa Onsen

The Sakura or Cherry Blossoms are amazing to see and an amazing time to be in Japan

3.Cherry Blossoms

Even though we don’t get a lot of fresh snow in April it can happen. But there also is a different white petal floating from the sky in Japan this time of year. The Sakura or Cherry Blossoms sweep across the land from South to North at this time of year. They mark the start of spring and a renewal for the whole country and are amazing to see so a big bonus for travelling at this time of year to Japan. You can travel easily to many parts of the country and enjoy the blossoms and a ski in Nozawa.


Happy Easter Nozawa

Nozawa can get busy in peak season but in March and April can take yuor pick of restaurants! Makes it easier with the kids

4.Great deals in the quiet season

At this time of year in April nearly everything to do with your holiday is at Discounted prices.

  • Air fares are cheaper with Jetstar you can get as low as $600 return from Australia for example.
  • Accommodation is 20% off and even more.
  • Lift passes are just 3700 Yen a day for Adults and 1700 Yen for kids. There are less lifts operating but still plenty for everyone.
  • We are also doing deals on lessons and rental gear

So you can save a lot by coming for an Easter Ski Holiday which when travelling with a family is always a big help

Happy Easter Nozawa

Spring the perfect time for skiing and ice creams in Nozawa

5.It is great Ice Cream eating weather!

Warm enough to warrant eating an ice cream but still cold enough that it doesn’t melt in your hand!

For many reasons Spring and around Easter holidays is a great time to be in Japan and to plan a ski holiday for the family or friends to Nozawa Onsen. Japan has great chocolate too! If need any information or a quote for next season please just drop us a mail to







Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 13 April 2017

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 13 April 2017

Sun is back in town and even a dusting of snow. We love the spring sunshine in Nozawa. Photo by Seiji san arigatou

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 13 April 2017

Here comes the Sun..

Base at top: 305 cm
Temp at Top: -3 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 205 cm
New snow since close: 1cm
Weather: Blue skies with occasional cloud

Nice crisp start to the day here in Nozawa with the sun greeting us this morning. We had a bit of a dusting overnight and on top of the bit of snow that fell yesterday it should be a great day on the slopes today.

Can check out how nice it looks on the cams

Temps are nice and cold so should be fast and smooth early and then set to warm up during the day.

Yesterday was a bit of an arctic blast with cold temperatures and snow falling up top. Visibility was limited so everyone will be happy to see the clear skies today.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 13 April 2017 – Forecast

Looking ahead we should be in for more spring sunshine tomorrow and thru the weekend with some rain showers on Saturday. Nice warm temperatures expected too and moderate winds so may even be a chance to rock your favourite T Shirt on the slopes! Stay safe and enjoy Spring in Nozawa.

Photo by Seiji san arigatou


Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 12 April 2017

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 12 April 2017

Snow in Mid April in Nozawa. Not a huge amount but we’ll take it!

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 12 April 2017

The Joy of seeing your first snow fall!

Base at top: 305 cm
Temp at Top: -1 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 205 cm
New snow since close: 5cm
Weather: Wintery conditions with fog and light snow

Looks like Winter is having a last hurrah in Nozawa today with the freezing level dropping and below zero temps up top. Has been raining in the Village but one of our guests Emma visiting from Bangkok just came back down all excited about seeing some snow flakes up at Yamabiko and posted this photo!

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 12 April 2017

Was not a pristine day up there by any means but most of the guests visiting at the moment are stoked to see some white stuff fall from the sky. Temps are set to get a bit colder into tonight and then we should see some sunshine tomorrow and warming up again on Friday for a sunny spring like weekend.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 12 April 2017

Still over 3 meter base up top and can ski top to bottom not bad fro mid April in Nozawa!

Lifts in operation are the Nagasaka Gondola and both the Yamabiko Lifts. Still possible to ski top to bottom and can do the beginner runs of Yunomine and get back on the Gondola at the mid station. If ski all the way down the home trail or Challenge there is a shuttle from the bottom back to the Nagasaka Gondola.

The few skiers and boarders up there are happy to have the mountain to themselves and experience a taste of winter in April!

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 9 April 2017

How good was March this year in Nozawa Onsen

Base at top: 320 cm
Temp at Top: 2 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 220 cm
New snow since close: 0cm
Weather: Foggy with precipitation and maybe snow later

Not the prettiest start to the day here with rain sweeping across the resort. But good news is rain has eased, the temps are dropping rapidly and there is some snow predicted for this afternoon up top. Talked to a few of the local boarders coming down the hill and they said with the cloud cover and colder temps the snow was fast and fun and they were riding top to bottom.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 9 April 2017

Sunshine and light winds expected for tomorrow so if we get that little bit of snow should be an epic day on the mountain. In the meantime check out this video by Oscar one of our guests who was up here enjoying the “Magic March” which we experienced in Nozawa. It was an epic month. The guy should have his own TV show

Base Depth Nozawa Onsen

Base Depth Nozawa Onsen

Its all about the base in Nozawa. This is Hikage slope this morning it is closed but look at the snow!

It’s all about the base in Nozawa

Base at top: 330 cm
Temp at Top: 10 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 235 cm
New snow since close: 0cm
Weather: Warm Sunny day

Photo of Hikage slopes, which are now closed for the season but check out that base still 135cm at the bottom of Nozawa! For many resorts in the world that would be the base in peak season and in Nozawa these slopes are now closed for the season.

Up top at Yamabiko we still have 330cm so even with these warmer temps it is going to take a while to wear it down and the resort will have no problem staying open until May 7th this season for the Golden Week Hoikday.

Nice warm day down in the village and very quiet about town for a weekend. Still top to bottom skiing for beginners and advanced skiers with the forest trail and skyline all open. Buna restaurant on the Paradise slope is also open for lunch and magic sitting out the front sipping a beer and taking in the views…

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