Nozawa Onsen Resort Open Tomorrow!

Nozawa Onsen Resort Open

Nozawa Onsen Open for the 2016/17 Season. Yippee! Photo by Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort

Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort will OPEN TOMORROW!

Friday the 9th of December 2016 the resort will be open to slide for the first day of the season!

Check out how good it looks up top! The runs are groomed and ready to rumble! Great news and everyone is very excited.

The main Nagasaka Gondola will start turning at 8:40am tomorrow morning and no doubt there will be a line of eager riders lined up and ready to go.

Lifts Nozawa Onsen Resort open tomorrow

Nagasaka Gondola 8;40am to 15;30

Yamabiko 2 Quad Chair 8;55am to15;40

Uenotaira 4 Lift 9;00am to 15;40


Courses Open – Nozawa Onsen Resort Open

Yamabiko D Course – Length 1250m (Intermediate)

Uenotaira Coiurse – Length 2000m (Beginner)

So a little something for everyone there. Still unable to ski top to bottom so will need to download on the Gondola

Lift Tickets Discounted to Adults 3400 Yen Kids 1700 Yen a day

So hope you managed to do a few squats and stair runs and the season is open. We look forward to welcoming you to Nozawa this season!

Check out the Ski Courses here

Course Information

Snow Fall Overnight in Nozawa Onsen

Snow Fall Overnight Nozawa

Yuki its Japanese for snow! Another nice little snow fall overnight in Nozawa. Good to have to clear the car this morning

Another snow fall overnight in Nozawa

Base at top: 45 cm

Temp at Top: -5 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira station: 45 cm

New snow since close: 8cm

Weather: Snow early now clearing

We woke up to snow falling again this morning across the village. It was a bit wet down here but would have been lighter up top and hopefully added a bit to the base line!

Similar to yesterday the snow has now eased and the sun is starting to shoot out in between the clouds for a beautiful morning. The kids around town were having fun again with snow ball fights and sled rides on the lower slopes.

Looks like will be clear the rest of today and then more snow expected tomorrow night and all weekend getting heavy on Sunday. Fingers crossed it will be enough for the resort to open this weekend. Will keep you posted

Snow Fall Overnight Nozawa

The morning commute in Nozawa Onsen. Rush hour…

Things to do in Nozawa before the snow fall hits

Hopefully the resort will open in 2 days time on Saturday especially after this latest snow fall. If not then there is still plenty to do in Nozawa Onsen besides skiing. You can rent a Mountain bike for the day for 3000 Yen and peddle up to the snow line and have a play.

Lots more too. Here is a link with some cool things to do Things to do in Nozawa Onsen besides ski

Snow Fall Overnight Nozawa

Sun bursting out over Togari Onsen Ski Resort looking from Nozawa Onsen

Snowing in Nozawa right now!

Snow Nozawa

Snowing nicely in Nozawa right now! First Snow Cam for the Season.
As expected the temps have dropped and the snow has arrived in the Village. The lower slopes are also turning white now and there should be a good cover forming up high. Beautiful to see….



Nozawa Onsen Izakaya – Japanese Style Pub

Nozawa Onsen Izakaya

The Izakaya has been popular in Japan and even Nozawa for hundreds of years now. Jisaku is a great little choice

Nozawa Onsen Izakaya

The Japanese Izakaya or Tavern is a huge part of the Japanese eating and drinking culture. The Izakaya originated from Sake Shops in the 16th Century where customers could stay and drink the night away.

They are often little tucked away shops and can generally be recognized by the red lantern hanging outside. Which indicates a cheap place to eat and drink and can be compared to a small pub in other countries.

Nozawa Onsen Izakaya Restaurant

The Red Lantern is the sign of an Izakaya. If it is turned on them go inside and enjoy

Nozawa Onsen Izakaya – The Style

Unlike other Japanese styles of eating, food items are usually shared by everyone at the table, similar to Spanish tapas. Izakaya dining can be a bit different for overseas guests with the wide variety of menu items and the slow pace. Food is normally ordered gradually over several courses rather than all at once then served up when ready. Normally you order a beer, sake or chuhai when sitting down before perusing the menu. Quickly prepared dishes such as hiyayakko or edamame are ordered first, followed with gradually more robust flavors such as yakitori or kara-age, finishing the meal with a rice or noodle dish to fill up.

Nozawa Onsen Izakaya Restaurant

Sake where it all began and still an intricate part of the Izakaya scene in Nozawa

Nozawa has lots of these quaint little Izakayas scattered around the village. Will try and introduce you to a few before the season starts. Jisaku is a typical and awesome little Izakaya check it out here.

Jisaku Nozawa Onsen Izakaya

Great little family run Izakaya in the center of the Village, Just a Mum and Dad business

Name: Jisaku Izakaya

Location: Near Asagama Onsen, just before that on the main road into town. Map Ref: D4 on our town map

Type of food: Izakaya Japanese Style Tapas lots of tasty options including some vegetarian dishes

The Plug: Run by a lovely old couple for many years and popular with both locals and visitors. It is only a small place so get in early to get a seat. The sake and cold beer is also flowing. Great traditional local feel and amazing food

House Specialty: Always enjoy some of the vegetable dishes, butter mushrooms, potato cakes, green veggies.

Average Price of a dish: 700-1000 Yen

Nozawa Onsen Izakaya Restaurant

The variety and taste of the food combined with a local sake is pretty hard to beat!

In the end it is all about the food, drink, friends and atmosphere. The food in Nozawa Onsen is just as exciting as the skiing!

Be sure to check out our Nozawa Onsen Restaurant Guide here, will be updating very soon too.

Best Restaurants in Nozawa Onsen

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As we noted in previous posts the Train is always a good option but if you have a lot of bags and don’t want to go thru Tokyo and have a few changes the Snow Shuttle is an easy option. Just get on in Narita or Haneda airports and get off in the snow in Nozawa Onsen. If coming off an evening flight after about 5pm it is really the only option if want to come straight up as wont make it that night on the train. There are only limited seats and busy times are already starting to fill so if keen to use the bus service best to book soon.

Book Shuttle Inter Resort Here too. Book Shuttle Nozawa

Many people choose to visit more than one resort on their stay in Japan. Especially if they are here for at least 2 weeks. If you only have one week I would suggest best to just stay in the one resort. But if have time there are some amazing resorts just near Nozawa Onsen. The 3 the shuttle services are the biggest and best known along with Nozawa Onsen. There are also many smaller resorts which you can do a day trip too including Togari Onsen and Madarao
Can also book inter resort shuttles here too between Nozawa and Hakuba, Shiga Kogen and Myoko. First bus up from the airport starts on December 17th. We look forward to seeing you in Nozawa Onsen this winter

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Wake up to this in the morning. You can get off the plane and be here that night in Nozawa ready to ski the next day!

Nozawa Storm – The Calm before the Storm

Nozawa Storm Nozawa

Looking across to Togari Onsen and Myoko on a clear day from Nozawa

The Calm before the storm in Nozawa Storm

The next few days in Nozawa are looking like will be some nice sunny days and light winds, then from Monday night things could get serious! Temperatures are set to drop down to -8 Degrees, strong 50 km/h winds and good snow falls expected. The good news is that more snow also forecast after that!

Most of the locals are happy that we will get a few more clear days to get ready for the season and finish off some last minute renovations. It is a lovely time to be in the village, not many people about so can enjoy some serenity before the winter battle with the snow begins and the powder hungry skiers arrive!

Nozawa Storm Forecast

Looking good on the Snow Forecast for Nozawa Onsen next week

First Day of Winter in Nozawa – Book Now

First Day Winter Nozawa

Familiar territory the higher we went yesterday the whiter it got in Nozawa

All of the dreamers in Nozawa. First Day of Winter in Nozawa

Base at top: 25 cm

Temp at Top: -3 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira station: 20 cm

New snow since close: 0 cm

Weather: Cloudy but clearing

Amazing day yesterday up top with the clear skies and fresh snow. Was nice and cold last night too and was good to get in an Onsen. Ready for the First Day Winter Nozawa

The resort staff were doing the rounds up top and summing up whether we can open up. A few of the local crew also snuck up to lay some fresh turns. At this stage seems there is not yet enough base to give the green light on opening the lifts.

The staff will keep going ahead with all the preparation so that we can open as soon as the snow hits. The skies are looking pretty clear the next few nights but then a good dump of 25cm is on the menu for Monday night. So lets wait and see what the Snow Gods deliver…

First Day Winter Nozawa

The Snow Gods have been working on the delivery and there have been some good falls now we need the bog one!

Nozawa Onsen Open – When the snow arrives!

Nozawa Onsen Open

Nozawa Onsen Resort will open as soon as there is enough snow. Hopefully not far away as Hikage showing big flakes on the cams today.

Nozawa Onsen Open Date 2016

Snowing again right down at Village level and the lower slopes this morning in Nozawa!

Not settling much on the ground in town yet but up top seems to be going a nice shade of white. It is all helping towards establishing a base for the season ahead. The original opening date of the 26th of November has passed and the resort has said it will open as soon as there is enough snow.

The resort held a ceremony on the 26th of November to bless the mountain and slopes for the upcoming season. Wishing for a safe and enjoyable time for everyone. Nozawa Onsen Open date yet to be set.

Temperatures and snow fall for the next week seem a bit up and down which is not unusual for this time of year as Winter battles to take over the landscape.
Think it may be a bit of a long shot to open this coming Saturday the 3rd of December but see what happens today with it expected to snow all day. Another few nearby resorts with snowmaking facilities have opened up now. Anyway early days so start your slow snow dance and will keep you posted…

Can see the conditions for different months of the season here Monthly Snow Conditions Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen Open

The official Nozawa Onsen Resort blessing was conducted by the local Shinto priest last weekend. Wishing all a safe and enjoyable season ahead for all that visit Nozawa. Photo by Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort. 

This ceremony happens every year and is a Shinto blessing with the local priest coming up the mountain to Yamabiko to do the honours. The Resort President Katagiri san and all the dignitaries were also in attendance. Even Nasuki san the mascot!

Skiing kids Nozawa Onsen

Skiing with Kids Nozawa Onsen

Skiing with kids can be pretty easy! Nozawa Onsen and the great beginner runs certainly helps!

Skiing Kids Nozawa Onsen
Great little article by blogger The Urban Mum as she takes the tribe to Nozawa Onsen and gives her tips on travelling to Japan and a family ski holiday to Nozawa Onsen. As she explains it is all pretty easy and a great experience for the whole family

The Urban Mum on Skiing in Nozawa Onsen

We often talk about how great Nozawa is for a family ski holidays destination from the easy runs to easy upload on the gondolas and covered high speed quads.

However many resorts have that but not many resorts offer a truly Japanese cultural experience too which Nozawa delivers naturally. The village has been catering to families from all over Japan for man centuries so it is a natural progression to open the doors to families from all over the world.

Sure there are still some language barriers but thats half the fun and gives the kids a good excuse to study Japanese at school!

Top 10 Reasons for Skiing Kids Nozawa Onsen

We did a great article a little while back with some great reasons why Nozawa Onsen is a great choice for your next family ski holiday

Here is a link Nozawa Onsen Family Ski Holiday

Here are the top 10 reasons for Skiing Kids Nozawa Onsen

  1. Culture
  2. Food
  3. The Skiing
  4. Kids Park
  5. Kids Lessons
  6. The Onsens and Sparena
  7. Japan is safe
  8. Reliable snowfall
  9. Great Conditions
  10. Fantastic value
  11. An extra one The Snow Monkeys!

So what are you waiting for get the kids excited and book a family ski holiday to Japan now. Here is a link to get a quote

We have lots of terrific family friendly options for accommodation from Lodges, Japanese Pensions, Apartments and self contained houses. All the time taken care of by our friendly staff at Nozawa Holidays.

Skiing Kids Nozawa

The food is a big drawcard in Nozawa Onsen with over 50 places to eat in the village there is something for everyone. Not just skiing kids nozawa onsen but also eating kids!















Mt Fuji Snow cover – Skiing Fuji san

Mt Fuji Snow Nozawa

Mt Fuji from the sky. It got covered in the white gold in the last storm that also hit Tokyo. Thanks Machiko san for the photo 

Mt Fuji has put on its winter coat and looks amazing! That area of Japan in Shizuoka received some good snow with that last fall. Mt Fuji is located just 100km to the west of Tokyo and can be seen from Tokyo on a clear day.

The peak is 3776 meters above sea level and the highest point in Japan so is very cold in winter and receives its fair share of snow. But great to see snow all the way to the base at this time of year!

Mt Fuji Climbing Season

The climbing season is well and truly officially over for the year. They like to close it early so no one gets caught in a snow storm

The official climbing season when the trails and mountain facilities are open runs from early July until mid September. During this time the mountain is usually free of snow, the weather is relatively mild, access by public transportation is easy, and the mountain huts are operating. Anyone without much hiking experience is advised to tackle the mountain during the official climbing season. The specific dates depend on the year and trail. In 2016 they are set as follows:

  • Yoshida Trail: July 1 to September 10, 2016
  • Subashiri, Gotemba and Fujinomiya Trails: July 10 to September 10, 2016

There are actually 2 ski resorts on Mt Fuji, Snow Town Yeti and Fujiten. They are both pretty small with mainly beginner to intermediate runs but open as early as late October. Would be a bit of a buzz to say you had skied Mt Fuji!

Mt Fuji Snow Nozawa

Looking back at Mt Fuji from the Ocean at nearby Shonan beach. It is a beautiful Mountain