Flashback Friday – Nozawa buried in the Powder

Nozawa Powder Rescue

Nozawa under a major month of snow in the 60’s the National Guard was called in.

Sometimes there can be too much Powder!


I got this photo from Kubota san at the photo shop on the main street into the village. The photo was taken just outside his store in memory from the 60s. He told me the story that it had snowed in Nozawa every day for a month and then we got hit with some of those huge 100cm dumps and the village basically got completely buried! No one could get in or out and even in the modern 4wd’s of today there was no way you were getting around the town.


Nozawa was declared a natural disaster zone and the National Guard were called in to help the locals clear the streets and restore life in the village. There must have been some amazing Powder skiing!

We have had a few big seasons since that and at times have felt like the snow was never going to stop and we were never going to be able to dig our way out the front door! The season before last was a bit like that when we got 3 meters of snow in 4 days in December and people were literally drowning in the slopes with no base and so much Powder! 2012 was also of the scale for the amount of snow we had and was on the roof clearing snow more than I can remember any season.

Big Snow Powder Nozawa

So much snow in Nozawa a big job for all the elderly locals to clear their roofs!

The long term reports from the Japan Meteorological Agency for the coming season is looking good and they are saying with the La Nina system expected this year that we could be in for a cold and snowy season in Nozawa ahead. Whether or not we get a fall like this one will have to wait and see….

Check out past reports on the side of the Lodge Nagano Site by dates Lodge Nagano Snow Reports

Qantas and Jetstar Frequent Flyer Sale to Japan

Qantas Fly Nozawa Japan Sale

Time to Fly to Japan and get up to Nozawa and in to some powder!

Frequent Flyer Points Sale 20% discount on now

Qantas and Jetstar are offering 20% off eligible flights with Classic Flight Rewards. So may be a good time to book that ski holiday to Japan you were thinking about!

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So a good range of dates so can visit Japan or Nozawa anytime for the next year. If coming up for a ski and want to get the best conditions to suit your needs can see details on each month of winter in Nozawa Onsen here Nozawa Onsen Conditions

There is no bad month to come and visit Nozawa over Winter and all are a little different

Snow Conditions in Nozawa Onsen and Sale Prices in Spring

December is the change to winter and the snow starts to fall. Most years we can have good skiing by December 10th and nothing beats a White Christmas in the snow

January is our heaviest snow fall and we get hit by some big dumps. Makes for some amazing powder days and beautiful white scenery on the blue bird days

February we have alot of base up to 300cm plus and still get some good dumps. Not as man people around except for the weekends when all the Tokyoites come and visit

March is my favourite month of the season. We usually have over 400cm base and still get some good dumps in the first 2 weeks and there is no one here to share it with! The second half of March can start to get more spring like but still good. We also have some great Sale prices on from mid March with 15% off

April is the start of spring and we dont get many fresh dumps in April but you never know can get a surprise fall. Temps start to warm up so is a great time for kids to enjoy some spring skiing also for Touring. The Sale prices continue too with 20% off and lift passes discounted


Training in Nozawa Onsen any one for a Jump?

Nozawa Ski Jump Views

The views in Nozawa in Summer are amazing . The ski jump scary any time of the year!

Training Nozawa All year

Winter Nozawa the Jump scary anytime of the year. Anyone want training to be the next Eddie the Eagle?

Ski Jump Training Nozawa Summer vs Winter – Take the drop!

Anytime of year it is a scary view from the top and cannot imagine what goes thru the minds of the athletes as the ski down that run!

Lots of excitement in Japan now with the handing over of the Summer Olympics to the new host nation. It will only be Japan’s second time to host the Summer games but Japan has already hosted the Winter Olympics twice once in Sapporo in 1972 and again in Nagano in 1998. Nozawa Onsen hosted the Biathlon event and there was an amazing vibe in the village with all the visiting international teams.

Nozawa has one of the highest number of Olympic athletes of anywhere in the country. With many locals representing Japan, impressive for a little village of only 4000 inhabitants.

Nozawa is a great place to train all year round. The altitude, fresh air and produce, with the Olympic park and gym and the onsens to soothe the muscles after your training. Come winter and we have the park, powder, racing and jumps for the Eddie the Eagles amongst you! If want to find out about skier and snowboarder improvement courses in Nozawa please drop us a mail to team@nozawaholidays.com

We will be running improvement courses every week in March and if looking to get together with some great people and professional coaches to improve your skills on the slopes this is a great opportunity. Whether it is powder, park, or general prowess we can get you to the next level and have lots of fun with like minded people.

Here is a link to our Ski School that will be running the courses and we will have more information and packages soon

Lesson Registration Form

Japan to host the Olympics in 2020

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a special entrance to the Closing Ceremony of the Rio Olympics. Dressed up as Super Mario and there is a cool little story how he is tunnelled in from Japan to make the appearance.
As Japan will be the next country to host the Olympics in 2020 they got a short time to show case their country and what is install in Tokyo. Japan last hosted the Summer Olympics in 1964 so has been a while and most are confident that the unique city can put on a great games. Hope to see you there…

The Opening Ceremony takes place on the 24th of July 2020 in four short years from now. Accommodation is sure to be at a premium so if keen to go best to book early. Tokyo will also host the World Cup Rugby the year before so there is a lot of sport on the menu in Japan in the coming years!

New Sports to be introduced at the Tokyo Olympics include

  •  Baseball/softball
    Sports climbing

The first two are National Sports in Japan so they are sure to have some edge there. Interesting to see surfing and skateboarding included too. Hope they get some good waves during the event as Japan especially near Tokyo can be a bit fickle on the wave front until the Typhoon season kicks in which is usually a little later.

Tokyo Olympics Two Hours Nozawa

Tokyo is an amazing city and sure will host a terrific Olympics. Just 2 hours from Nozawa Onsen

Tokyo is an amazing city and Japan in general all the nation get behind big events like this and work together to do their country proud so can be sure they will plan everything perfectly and everyone will pitch in to get the job done. It will also be a great time to explore the rest of Japan too.

Nozawa Onsen is just 2 hours from Tokyo and a great mountain escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Even a good place for some pre Olympic Training!

Check out this link to see what Nozawa is like during the Green Season of Summer months.

Summertime In Nozawa – The Green Season

Japan and Nozawa something for all the Senses.

Well-known food journalists Peden and Munk recently visited Japan and made Nozawa Onsen on the top of the list for places to visit. Not just for the Skiing but also for the culture, natural hotsprings and amazing local produce. Check out there beautiful little video.

They loved the authenticity of the town and the people living here and the daily rhythm of a rural village in the snow country of Japan. In their write up they said “Nozawa was humble but brimming over with quality”, great to hear such kind words from people who travel for a living.

They liked the idea of the simplicity of the Japanese Style Tatami Rooms. With the minimal Japanese feel of the woven straw mats, futons and pillows with a traditional lamp and not a lot else. It clears your mind and helps you feel like you are really in Japan. Great to have all that space toy stretch in the morning after your Onsen ritual and get the mind and body ready for an exciting day on the slopes in Nozawa.

It seems like Mondays are always a busy day for people making bookings to come to Nozawa. I am not sure why, maybe everyone does all their study on the weekend then get to work on Monday morning and think ok now I need to book my next adventure!

We are ok with that and the booking team of Mariko, Hiroko, Ayako, Yuka and Kerri and all the team are waiting to hear from you. They have stayed and skied in Nozawa for many years and know Japan and Nozawa very well so will be happy to answer any questions you may have on your upcoming trip.

Anyway if you are keen to wake up your senses please drop us a mail and will help you get on your way to Nozawa Onsen this coming winter…
Ski Japan Nozawa Onsen

Time for a Tree Change to Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Summer Swim

Summer in Nozawa brings lots of flowing fresh mountain streams, perfect for a cool dip on a hot day. Thanks Hiromi san for the Photo 

Time for a “Tree Change” to Nozawa Onsen

Come on up and enjoy the fresh mountain air in Nozawa before Summer is over!
Magic green season in full flow at the moment, and nice warm days especially in town. If want to escape the heat it is almost 10 degrees cooler up top of the resort at Yamabiko. Lots of people were around the village enjoying the Obon holiday, hiking, mt biking and swimming in the Sparena Pool and streams. Nothing better than after a hike taking a cool dip in a mountain stream then following up with an Onsen. Your body will thank you!

Funnily enough the end of August officially is the end of Summer. The Sparena pool will close and the Nagasaka Gondola will cease running until Winter time. So get up soon if want to enjoy those two things. It is still pretty warm until end of September but then Autumn kicks in and things cool down in the mountains pretty quick. It is also a mystical time with the “Koyo” or changing of the leaves colours and can see some amazing views as the mountain sides look like almost like they are on fire with all the reds, yellows and oranges.

Then in just over 3 months the Winter will arrive and we can expect early snow from the end of November with the resort planning to open around then as soon as the snow permits. So best to book your Nozawa Ski Holiday now if have not already

Here is a link to check out some great properties in Nozawa Onsen

Accommodation To Suit All Budgets

Thanks for the great shot Hiromi san

Outdoor Onsen Nozawa

If prefer the Hot Springs to the cool stream in Nozawa then Sparena Outdoor Onsen is a must do!

Own Onsen in house at Landhaus Azegami

Azegami Lodge Nozawa

Toshimi san and her family at Landhaus Azegami do an amazing job of running the Lodge

Landhaus Azegami is this weeks “ Lodge of the week” in Nozawa Onsen. Azegami lodge is pretty special in that it is one of the only Pensions in town to have its own Onsen.

They won the rights to the hot spring in a raffle put on by the village. Pretty amazing as usually the Onsen feed would be very hard to get and also very expensive. So the lucky folks staying there can enjoy a relaxing soak after a day on the slopes!

Located just opposite the post office in Nozawa so is very central just 200m flat walk to the center of the village and all the shops, restaurants and bars. Also very close to the central Chuo Terminal bus stop. Makes it very easy when arrive and can also get the shuttle near there to the main Nagasaka Gondola. It is not far to walk up to the slopes about 300m and can leave your gear at the Nozawa Holidays Ski Locker so can walk up in your normal shoes.

Ski Locker Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Holidays Ski Locker right on the slopes near the main Nagasaka Gondola provides free storage for guests

Toshimi san and family run a great operation there and the lodge is always welcoming and friendly. Most of the rooms are traditional Japanese style Tatami rooms and some of cool little lofts that the kids will love. The ladies cook up a delicious breakfast and can sometimes to evening meals on request in their spacious dining room, which overlooks the main walking street into the village so good for people spotting.

Nozawa Central Rentals are just nearby to sort all your ski and board rental gear and the English Speaking staff at Nozawa Central are always available if need any assistance with anything. Landhaus Azegami still has good availability most of the season except for the New Years and mid January but lots of rooms from the 3rd of January until the 10th and again from the 18th of January.

Here is a link for Nozawa Central Rentals one of the biggest and best value Ski and Board Rental Shops in Nozawa Onsen Nozawa Onsen Ski and Board Rental

Terrific lodge with friendly staff and they are sure to make your holiday in Nozawa a memorable one.

Ski Lodge Onsen Nozawa

Landhaus Azegami in the heart of Nozawa Onsen a great place to stay

Here is a link to look and book Landhaus Azegami Lodge with own Onsen in Nozawa

Travis Rice Snowboard Film features Nozawa

“The Fourth Phase” new Snowboard Film coming soon and some footage from Nozawa featured!

Travis Rice and his talented crew at Brain Farm have been working hard over the last 3 years to bring us this amazing film called “ The Fourth Phase”, coming out very soon with official premiere due on October 2nd 2016.

The story is something along the lines that they follow the cycle of water as it turns to snow and melts and follow its flow around the North Pacific and track the storms that form the winter. Migrating along side weather patterns to Japan, Russia and North America.

The crew takes you on some amazing journeys across the globe including our very own Nozawa Onsen and the famous Fire Festival even gets a scene in the trailer. I remember seeing Travis and his team incognito wondering the streets of Nozawa at that time. Anyway check out the trailer as with all the films these guys do there is some amazing footage and riding to enjoy

The Fire Festival in Nozawa has always been famous across Japan and is known as the premier Fire Festival in the country, However it is also quickly becoming known across the world due to its uniqueness, history and the danger involved! The build up goes over about 3 days starting on the 13th of January every year with the dragging of the logs down the mountain by the locals, drinking loads of Sake all the way! They then set about building the shrine which is then set alight on the night of the15th of January every year. Here is a link to more details and a schedule for the famous Fire Festival in Nozawa Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival

So if coming to Nozawa to Snowboard or ski this winter and can time it with the 15th of January you will also be able to see this amazing event and most likely ride some of the amazing powder Nozawa is famous for like Travis Rice and his crew did in this upcoming Snowboard Film. But be warned it is a very busy time in the village and need to book early to be assured of a room!

Here is a link to start your journey Booking Accommodation in Nozawa

Nozawana – the perfect pickle in Nozawa Onsen

Nozawana food Nozawa

A Local lady prepares to make some Nozawana pickles in Nozawa

Nozawana, the only way to get pickled in Nozawa.

Anyone that has visited Nozawa has no doubt sampled the famous Nozawana vegetable. Most restaurants in town offer it as a free starter before your meal comes and it is also our town mascot! That’s right he is not a broccoli!

Nozawana is a Japanese leafy vegetable it comes from the same family and the common turnip and is a variety of mustard leaf. The leaves generally grow to about 60-90cm in length and can be enjoyed in many ways and on may foods. Most commonly it is pickled and eaten with a splash of soy sauce or “Shoyu”. Pretty awesome also when some chili is added, to give that little kick in the flavor. I also love it just fresh and boiled it is like a spinach.

History says that sometime between 1751 and 1764 it was taken from Kyoto the old capital by a master of the Buddhist temple in Nozawa Onsen. It was then cultivated here and thus the name Nozawana became famous across Japan. “Na” means vegetable.

Nasuki Nozawa Snowboard

Nasuki is the Nozawa Mascot and is Nozawana not broccoli as some may think!

You can now find it inside “Onigiris” or rice balls in most convenience stores in Japan. Be sure to sample it and many of the other local delicacies when you next visit us in Nozawa.

The Food and Nozawana is half the reason to visit Nozawa Onsen

There are over 30 great places to eat in Nozawa Onsen and quite a few good places for a drink too. It is not a party town by any means so if thats what you are looking for better to go to Hakuba or Niseko or maybe even Canada! But there are lots of lovely little bars in town to enjoy a quiet drink and a bit of karaoke after a hard day on the slopes.
Here is a link to some of the great places to eat in the town if Nozawa and enjoy the local delights!

Bar and Restaurant Guide for Nozawa Onsen

Four Seasons Japan – Flowers and Spring Skiing

Cherry Blossoms Spring Ski Nozawa

Cheery Blossoms on the train ride to Nozawa in early April ski and see in the same day!

Japan is definitely a country of 4 very distinct seasons and it is one of the major draw cards for visiting Japan along with Spring Skiing. It is amazing to experience the dramatic changes in the climate, landscape, smells and feel of each beautiful season.

The changes in the seasons are often marked by a change in the trees and the blossoming of a new flower. Here is a list of 10 such flowers and when to expect to see them. Spring is naturally the busiest time for nature being woken up and amazing to see it come alive after the winter hibernation. Sakura or “Cherry Blossoms” are the most famous and can expect to see them late March to mid April. The ski season in Nozawa Onsen usually goes until May 6th so if you time your trip right you can enjoy some fun spring skiing and take in the amazing Cherry Blossoms!

The Easter Holidays are usually around this time so a great way for the family or a group if friends to come and discover Japan and get your snow fix too! We are doing some great deals around that time too with up to 20% off on Accommodation.
Nozawa Onsen Spring Discounts

Seasonal Flowers of Japan and Nozawa Onsen along with Spring Skiing

It is amazing all the flowers you can view across Japan and the seasonal shift that comes with them.  Some of the most beautiful ones and when they bloom are;

  • Plum Blossoms from Mid Feb to March
  • Cherry Blossoms from Late March to mid April
  • Tulips Late April to mid May
  • Wisteria Late April Early May
  • Sunflowers Early July to early August
  • Lavendar Mid July to early August

Don’t forget about Koyo too or the changing of the Autumn leaves it is an amazing time if year to visit Japan, in Nozawa it is October and November to see the spectacular colours.

spring skiing nozawa onsen japan

Late March in Nozawa Onsen can still give the odd powder day and lots of sunshine