Places to stay Nozawa Onsen

Places to stay Nozawa Onsen

Places to stay Nozawa Onsen

Check out this great video on Villa Nozawa

After all the air fare sales that have been on hope you managed to get a great deal and are now planning your next ski holiday to Japan. Winter is only 6 months away so better put your ski goggles on and start looking! 
Nozawa Onsen is a great choice for a ski resort with tradition, culture, amazing food and incredible snow. There are lots of terrific places to stay in the village from ski lodges, self-contained houses and apartments and traditional ryokans and minshikus and we hope we can help you to find a place that suits you and your group.
We will try and introduce you to some great options over the next few weeks to help with the decision process.
This weeks “Lodge of the week” is the very popular Villa Nozawa have a look at the video to get a first hand look at the lodge.
Places to stay Nozawa Onsen

Villa Nozawa has been one of the most popular lodges in Nozawa Onsen for many years.Better book quick!

It is particularly popular with Families with the spacious common areas; rooms and the kids room are a big hit. It is just 150 m to the Karasawa lifts and a flat easy walk to the centre of town. It has also been Number 1 on Trip Advisor for many years with very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Can check out some of the glowing reviews here; Villa Nozawa Trip Advisor
Here is a link to look and book

Places to Stay Nozawa Onsen

Many popular places are already starting to fill for the busy times the peak being from about December 25th to Januray 25th most years, along with Chinese New Year around mid February next year. Please drop us a mail if would like to book some accommodation or have any questions on anything to so with Nozawa Onsen. Email
We look forward to welcoming you to Nozawa next season.

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Once you have sorted your air fares drop us a mail for a great package deal to Nozawa Onsen. Remember from March 15th is 15% off on many accommodations too!

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March Magic! March 16th 2017 another awesome March moment. We had so many good days in March last season

Location Information Nozawa Onsen

Location Information Nozawa Onsen

Where is the best place to stay in Nozawa for your next snow holiday?

When planning a holiday it is always important to look at where to stay. Maybe more so on a ski holidays as want to be close to everything the slopes, lifts, restaurants, shops and the Onsens!

The beauty about Nozawa compared to many other ski resorts in Japan or around the world for that matter is that it is very compact. The local population stands at only 3700 people. It was over 5000 when I first came here over 25 Years ago. So would appear it is getting smaller.

If you look at our Map below and the scale in the bottom left corner you will see it is only 1500m across and about the same from top to bottom for the main part of town where all the lodges, restaurants, shop, bars and uploading lifts are located.Nozawa Onsen Town Map

Location Information Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen is a pretty compact little ski town with a traditional Japanese feel and some touches of Europe too. Easy to navigate once get your bearings

Above is a cool little video, which gives you a good idea of scale and where some of our core properties are in the village and relation to other key things you are going to want to be close to.

Location Information Nozawa Onsen Resort Shuttle Bus

There is a shuttle bus that loops the resort but you rarely need to use it unless staying down lower in the village then is handy to get up to the main Nagasaka Gondola. It is also handy if you are a first time skier and want to get from the Karasawa area up to the Gondola to meet for a lesson. But after a few days you should be able to ski across!

Location Information Nozawa Onsen

The beginner run from Karasawa and one of the best powder runs both feature in this shot

It runs from the Centre of the village past Shinden and Nakao to Karasawa and then to the Nagasaka Gondola making various stops on the way. The bus runs every 20 minutes on weekends and public holidays and every 30 minutes on weekdays

Yu Road or the People Mover – Location Information Nozawa Onsen 

This got built in the bubble period of the 90’s when the resort was very busy and making some healthy profits. It runs from near the temples in town up to the Hikage Ski Area. It is a pretty impressive set up and handy if staying in downtown near to Oyu Onsen. Some people request to stay in town so can ride this but to be honest depending on what you are looking for it is generally easier to stay nearer to the slopes in the South side of the village. With the people mover you are looking at at least a 200m uphill walk to the people mover then it is a 10-minute ride on that to get to the slopes. It takes a bit of time to get up there, you can leave gear up there in one of the ski lockers though which is great help with kids.

Location Information Nozawa Onsen

This is the path up to the Yu Road. Nozawa has many beautiful little lane ways to explore


Location Information Nozawa Onsen; South Side of the Village near the slopes and Lifts

Many of the properties we offer are located in this area. Most are within 200m to the slopes or closer so an easy walk and you are on your skis before you know it. Can generally hit the home trail from there and ski down to Karasawa slopes and the connecting lift to the main Nagasaka Gondola, which will take you all the way to the top of the resort.

We also have a Ski Locker, which is Free for Nozawa Holidays Guests to use, and located just below the slopes and home trail of Mukobayashi and a short stroll to the Gondola and Mt Dock Gondola Café the lesson meeting point. If renting gear from Nozawa Central Rentals they will drop it up there for you so ready to go on the first day of skiing. The Ski Locker also has a drying room to leave boots at the end of the day so can take the beautiful walk over the snow back to the lodges in normal shoes.

Location Information Nozawa Onsen

The Nozawa Holidays Ski Locker is very handy if staying in the village or renting gear from Nozawa Central Rentals. Free to use!

Nakao Area home of Villa Nozawa and many other great lodges

Nozawa has many distinct districts known as “Ku” and they are usually clustered around one of the free public Onsen baths, which are scattered around the village. Nakao Ku is one of the biggest and also has one of the biggest Onsens Nakao Onsen. It has a long history and the people of this area are unique and very proud of Nakao. It is the area just below the beautiful Karasawa Slopes and Hachiman Shrine. There are many spacious and friendly lodges in this area including Villa Nozawa, Furusato, Aitoku, Kirakusou and many more. It also has some cool little restaurants and bars and is only about 800m flat walk to the centre of town. It is a very popular area for families and groups to stay as is a bit quieter and more spacious; all lodges are very close to the slopes and still easy to get to town. Here is a link to Villa Nozawa one of the most popular lodges in Nozawa Villa Nozawa

Location Information Nozawa Onsen

This Aerial shot by Seiji San shows you most of the Nozawa Onsen Village from North to South. As you can see it is pretty compact.

Bottom line as said Nozawa is pretty compact and being one of the oldest Ski Resorts in Japan they have had over 100 years to get it set up to be user friendly so wherever you stay what you need is not far away! Please feel free to ask our local team any questions you may have on Location Information Nozawa Onsen








Nozawa Onsen Video 2017 Season


Nozawa Onsen Snow Trip Video from past Season

I remember 10 Years ago when there were no videos on Nozawa Onsen. Now most seasons we are lucky to see some great little clips put together by some talented riders that visit the village. Here is a great little piece by Max Bennet that was here last season. Gives you a sense of how easy it is to get here and what you can expect while here and all the glorious Snow! Check it out

Tateyama Alpine Region Ski Japan

Tateyama Alpine Region Ski Japan

Pretty impressive landscape to wake up to. Camping up at Tateyama complete with Vegan Ice Bar. Thanks for the photo Jerry and Petra.

Tateyama Alpine Region Ski Japan

The Skiing is not over in Japan

Tateyama Alpine Region Ski Japan

Some amazing open faces and long runs await of you are prepared to put in the hard yards and bring the right equipment. Photo Akira Suehiro

Many of Japans Ski Resorts closed their lifts last Sunday with the end of Golden Week holidays and most Japanese peoples mind shift away from Winter pursuits into Summer escapes. Nozawa Onsen itself closed with a healthy 160cm of base up the top so there is still some good snow to be enjoyed here but would need to make your own way up!

Believe it or not some parts of the Alpine region of Japan are in their best shape right now. They have too much snow to be easily accessible in the middle of winter, with massive dumps making roads impassable and conditions unsafe.

Tateyama is one of these regions with its peak at an impressive 3015m and nearby Tsurugi at 2999m. Due to their elevation they stay colder longer, get more snow and a lot less people. It is probably not the place for the glamour set as it is more roughing it. Hiking or skinning up and sleeping in Tents or Mountain huts. But the views and conditions can be nothing short of amazing.

Tateyama Alpine Region Ski Japan

There is one very impressive Mountain Lodge in Tateyama called Murodou Lodge that is open form mid April until the end of November. Many people however choose to camp in Tents and there are some impressive sites to pitch one. Nozawa regular Jerry and friends were up there just last week and said he got two dumps of fresh snow while based up there. Even set up Japan’s highest Vegan Bar! Thanks for the great shot Jerry and Petra.

Tateyama Alpine Region Ski Japan

The 10m towering snow walls of the Alpine Route in Tateyama are very impressive. With a big snow fall this season it should be a good one. Photo Go Nagano

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

This area is also home to the world famous Kurobe Alpine, the mad photos you see around this time of year with the huge snowy walls and people walking or passing thru the middle. The route is closed all winter due to the huge and uncontrollable amounts of snow that fall across the region. But come spring around mid April they cut a track right thru the middle, which gives this amazing affect and up to 10m high snow walls.

Tateyama Alpine Region Ski Japan

Bit of a map of how the route works across the alps at Tateyama from yokoso japan

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is 37km long and from bottom elevation to top covers close to 2000m of Vertical. There are a few different modes of transport you can choose to traverse the route including trams, buses and walking. There are three long tunnels to limit the impact to the mountain environment. So you can use the Alpine Route to access the breathtaking huts or campgrounds and then can base yourself there and hike and tour some of the impressive surrounding peaks of the region. Note it is not an easy downhill lift gig but lots of uphill slugging but as they say “no pain no gain!”

Tateyama Alpine Region Ski Japan

Tateyama is not far from Nozawa Onsen so a great add on to the end of a Nozawa stay or come to us after to relax and soothe the muscles in a hot onsen!

Getting To Nozawa Onsen

Ski Season Wrap Nozawa Onsen

Ski Season Wrap Nozawa Onsen

Ogama cooking Onsen in Nozawa is very atmospheric at anytime but under 30cm of fresh snow is something special

Ski Season Wrap Nozawa Onsen

Arigatou Gozaimashita for an amazing season in Nozawa Onsen

Yesterday afternoon the last lift of the 2017 Winter season in Nozawa turned thru its cogs and delivered its final happy skiers and boarders to the top for what has been a terrific season in Nozawa.

It all started on December 7th last year and finished May 7th this year for a full 5 months of snowy fun. It was often called “The season that kept on giving” with constant 30cm or “Magic Foot” top ups throughout the season. Pretty sure everyone left town with a smile on their face!

Ski Season Wrap Nozawa Onsen

A few stats for you

– Peak Base reached at top; 435cm on March 28th

Note it is almost double last year where we only got to 220cm base. Good to see last season was only a blip and hopefully we are back to the snowy normal for Nozawa.

– Biggest Snowfall was January as usual but we had consistent falls right thru March and March was probably for me the best month of the season for overall conditions.

– We did get a total of more than 350cm fall over 7 Days the middle week of January, which was amazing and set us up for the season.

– Slider guest numbers – overall the resort was up from last year. A lot to do with Nozawa probably had an earlier and overall better season than many other parts of Japan this year. Overseas guests were most likely down a little but a wider mix and lots of different languages being heard in the lift lines.

Ski Season Wrap up from Nozawa Onsen

Is there such a thing as too much snow? Nozawa Onsen is always testing that theory!

We would just like to say a sumo size Thank You to everyone that came and stayed with us in Nozawa this past season. We had so many great guests this year and your smiles and stories of your days on the slopes and in the village were very rewarding. Special thanks to our repeat guests some that had come back after as long as 7 years away, many that have been coming for over 10 years now and some that come every year. We are so grateful to see you all year after year and it is like welcoming old friends every time.

Ski Season Wrap Nozawa Onsen – Thank you everyone for making it a season to remember

Arigatou gozaimashita to all the hard working staff and locals in the village for welcoming people from all over the world to Nozawa again this season. To the legendary lifties, ski patrol and resort staff, thanks for sweeping the seats every time and keeping the slopes a safe and enjoyable place to slide. To the tireless lodge, restaurant and bar staff thanks for all the delicious meals and warm hospitality every time.

Ski Season Wrap up from Nozawa Onsen

Rain Hail or 50cm of Fresh snow overnight the Postie in Nozawa always delivers. The Nozawa Onsen Snow does too…

Special thanks to all the dedicated team at Nozawa Holidays, lost count of all the great comments I received about the terrific work you guys did on and off the slopes ensuring the guests had an amazing experience and a memorable holiday. Well done to everyone and a big Otsukaresama deshita.

Thanks to you all the good folk that have followed our reports and updates throughout the season. The number of you has been gradually increasing every year and we really appreciate it. Hope you have enjoyed the slice of Nozawa on your screen every day and it has helped you to dream of your next snow holiday. Leaving you with a few of the most popular shots from the season.

Bookings for next season are coming in quickly with all the great snow we had this last season it is sure to be a busy one with some of the peak times filling fast so if have not already booked better get on to it. Just fill out a quote form here

Or drop us a mail to

One of the friendly staff will get back to you with details.

Ski Season Wrap Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen lift line. Lots of snow and plenty of empty chairs await. Better Book your Nozawa escape soon!

Please keep checking our blog and more so our Facebook over the Green season and consider Nozawa over the warmer months too. It is an exciting and relaxing destination all year round. Stay safe and arigatou from all in Nozawa.

Ice Bar Nozawa Onsen

Ice Bar Nozawa Onsen

Masayuki san in his T Shirt looking pretty relaxed at 1650m in the Ice Bar

Ice Bar Nozawa Onsen

Another great reason to come skiing in Nozawa Onsen in Spring. There is an ice bar on the top of the resort situated on top of Yamabiko at 1650m above Sea level!

With still almost 2 meters of base there is plenty of snow to build the bar and keep the drinks cool. Drop in and see Masayuki san for a cold beer after a few well earned runs!

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 3 May 2017

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 3 May 2017

Sakura or Cherry blossoms in full bloom just below the main Nagasaka Gondola. Photo by Seiji san

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 3 May 2017

Sakura and Sunshine for Nozawa today

Base at top: 190 cm
Temp at Top: 5 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 100 cm
New snow since close: 0cm
Weather: Beautiful Warm Spring day

Plenty of sunshine and very light winds on the cards today in Nozawa Onsen. As can be expected for this time of year the snow is gradually giving way to the green.

Top to bottom skiing is officially over for the season but can still ski all the top Yamabiko runs and Uenotaira all the way down to the Paradise slope.

There is a different type of white flake blanketing the village with the Cherry Blossoms or Sakura in full bloom around the village, always magic to see. Together with the bright yellow Nanahana in the valleys spring has certainly come to Nozawa and it feels good.

There was a big line up of gear to get on to the Nagasaka Gondola this morning. Has been a while since we saw that with the Golden Week crowd filtering in.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 3 May 2017 – Forecast

The forecast is looking pretty stable with mostly sunshine except a bit of light rain Friday and Saturday. Otherwise it is clear skies and light winds to see us thru until the end of the ski season on May 7th. Just a few days to go so get up there and soak in the spring goodness. Don’t forget the sunscreen…

Thanks Seiji san for the Photo of the Cherry Blossoms just below the main Gondola

Golden Week Nozawa Onsen

Golden Week Nozawa Onsen

The vibe around town and the traditional dress are always a great feel for Golden Week

Golden Week in Nozawa Onsen

We are in the midst of the Golden Week holiday in Nozawa and the rest of Japan.

The Golden Week is a collection of four national holidays within seven days. Usually combined with well placed weekends, the Golden Week becomes one of Japan’s three longest holiday seasons, along with New Year and the Obon week.


The public holidays which are celebrated include

Apr 29th – Showa day celebrating the former Emporer

May 3rd – Constitution Day

May 4th – Greenery Day dedicated to the environment and nature

May 5th – Children’s Day see the Carp steamers flying high

There is a great holiday vibe around the village. There are very few overseas guests but lots of domestic travellers heading up from Tokyo and other cities to enjoy the mountain life.


Golden Week Nozawa Onsen Things to do

  • The Ski resort is still open and some fun spring conditions, especially this year with the almost 2 meter base still remaining.
  • The Onsens are popular and people soak into holiday mode and wander the little streets in their Japanese traditional Yukatas. Always great to see.
  • The Mountain biking has begun and can ride the lower trails or thru the neighbouring villages. Also great on a road bike at this time of year as not too hot.
  • Hiking both on snow shoes and normal shoes up on the snowy peaks around Lake Sutaka or down in the valley and lower hiking courses with magnificent views and the Cherry Blossoms
  • Paddling on Sup, Kayak or Canoe the rivers have a huge amount of flow at this time of year with all the melt off from the snow pouring down the mountain and funnelling into the rivers
  • There is always the food with all the restaurants still running and can even enjoy some outside dining!
Golden Week Nozawa Onsen

The Lakes and rivers come to life in Nozawa in Spring. Great time for a paddle

The Ski resort and Golden Week are all go until Sunday May the 7th so please come up to visit this year or consider it for next May! Have a great holiday from all in Nozawa Onsen


Spring Time Nozawa Onsen

Spring Time Nozawa Onsen

Nearby Lake Nojiri is an ideal escape to unwind after the long Winter months in Nozawa

Spring Time Nozawa Onsen

The Green Season is coming to Nozawa

We get a long winter in Nozawa, the official ski season started on the 7th of December and will finish on the 7th of May. That’s 5 long months of some amazing ski conditions. So we are very fortunate in that we can ski nearly half the year in Nozawa Onsen.

Having said that Japan is a remarkable country where you can experience 4 distinct seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. All amazing times of the year and all very different feels. Naturally most people would think Winter is a favourite for the skiing but for me I love Spring this time of year. You can still ski both in the resort with lifts or you can go ski touring in Nozawa and nearby Mountains. At the same time Nature is coming to life and little pockets of green, pink, yellow and all the colours of the rainbow are exploding around you.

Spring Time Nozawa Onsen

In Nozawa you can Mountain Bike, Hike, Onsen and even go for a paddle on the lakes or river. Only need a wetsuit if you fall in! This photo is Lake Nojiri or Nojiriko as it is know and is a huge lake only about a 45 minute drive from Nozawa Onsen nestled below the mountains behind Madarao. Beautiful spot for a Sup or Canoe Paddle, a yoga session or to just chill out and warm the bones after the long winter.

Spring Time Nozawa Onsen

Looking over Lake Nojiri in Winter from the top of Tangram Resort next to Madarao

It was really popular with Nozawa locals in the 80s especially for Windsurfing but like most places around the world the love of the wind has dwindled. Might see if we can bring it back this summer!

Here is a link to other cool stuff to do over the Green Season in Nozawa and it is a beautiful and peaceful time to visit the area with very few guests you can fully enjoy all the onsens, restaurants and nature without the crowds. Kaiya Nozawa Lodge, Nozawa Central Apartments and Nozawa House are all open and great places to stay with rates half price of the wintertime! Hope to see you in the Green Nozawa


Summertime In Nozawa – The Green Season