Meet The Team

We have a great local and international crew here taking care of our guests.

Kyoko san

Kyoko san is a natural at taking care of people and will welcome you with true Japanese hospitality and a smile. One of the most adventurous girls we know she will tackle any challenge thrown at her.

She never stops working and together with Gab runs a great lodge at Villa Nozawa. Perfect English and German she is pretty smart and will sort anything you need.

A keen snow shoe hiker too so try and join her on one of her walks

Gab san

Gab originally from Switzerland but is a citizen of the world. Has ridden his bicycle half way around it.

He was a top level racer back home and has also placed highly in local Nozawa Onsen contests. Gab together with Kyoko do an amazing job of managing Villa Nozawa. He also heads our ski instructors and rental division so you know you are getting professional advice.

A popular performer at the local Karaoke bar and all round good guy Gab will put you at ease from day one.

Luke san

LukeLuke has been with us since the start and is a champion.

His parents run hotels and he has worked in the airlines, so has a long and successful history in hospitality.

He receives the most outstanding comments from our guests and his energy, enthusiasm and love of Nozawa Onsen and taking care of our guests is amazing.

He is fluent in Japanese and Italian, and a connoisseur of the food and culture.
Also a great guy to be friends with on a powder day as knows all the good spots!

Mariko sama

MarikoMariko works together with Luke to manage Lodge Nagano and recently they took their relationship to the next level tying the knot this year.

Mariko is a tireless worker and always genki.

She will help you with anything you need from the best places to eat to what time the train leaves to Okinawa.

Speaks perfect English with an Aussie accent and, did I mention (Mariko makes me say this!), is a great snowboarder!

Mark san

Mark BaumannMark is a laid back Aussie guy who, manages our properties and he’s very much a hands on sort of guy.

Mark first came to ski Japan in 1992 and worked in the Ski Patrol in Nozawa Onsen for many years.

He’s very knowledgeable on everything to do with Nozawa Onsen and will be happy to share his knowledge with you and make sure you have an amazing stay in this beautiful part of the world.

Yoshi san

YoshiYoshiko is an important key in running the Lodges with her unflappable manner and style.

Yoshi was born in a country ski area not far from Nozawa Onsen and went to University in Osaka and has lived in Australia off and on for many years.

Her English is perfect and happy to help with anything you need during your stay

Mark 2 san

Mark 2Mark 2, as he is known (and as he says, the upgrade is always better than the original!), has become a common friendly face in Nozawa Onsen.

Originally stayed as a guest has come back to lend a hand for many seasons now.

When not doing his regular gig with Cisco Systems, Mark can be seen fine-tuning our Internet or a pair of rental skis.

Also very handy with the camera – some of his or wife Julie’s photography can be seen around the properties and on the web site.

Ikeda san

Ikeda sanIkeda san owns Mitsubachi Maya – the Lodge across the road where we introduce guests when we are full.

He is the happiest man in town and can fix anything.  He is often working around our places to ensure everything is perfect for your stay.

Always ready with a smile, Ikeda is a pleasure to be around.

Michiko san

Michiko sanMichiko san is Ikeda’s wife and probably the reason he is so happy!

A lovely lady and whizz in the kitchen, Michiko quickly becomes a favourite among guests.

A very gentle and caring soul that takes great pride in ensuring our guests have a stay to remember.

Kerri san 

Kerri runs our booking office and will make sure that we find the best accommodation to suit your needs.

Being a Commerce graduate and mother of two, Kerri is very organized and methodical.

Has been up to Nozawa Onsen to ski many times with the family so knows the answers to any question on Nozawa Onsen, how to get here and lots more to help make your holiday perfect.

Tini san

Tini is our Swiss Instructor/ Mountain Guide and Jack of all trades. In his other life he is a Pilot with Swiss Air but his passion is the Mountains. Has been in Japan and Nozawa Onsen on and off for over 20 Years and will gladly show you around the mountain on skis, snowboard, snow shoes or even paraglider!

It would probably be easier to list the languages he doesn’t speak being fluent in Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish, English, Japanese, Indonesian and even Thai. Confident he can communicate with most of our guests!